If you have discovered a sinkhole on your property, safety is the top priority.

Make sure to mark it off and warn other family members. Fortunately, most sinkholes in the Metro Atlanta area are not as severe as the ones in Florida and other parts of the world, due to the underlying causes. Decaying construction debris or a broken water line is more likely to be the cause if you spot a sinkhole forming in your yard. The sooner you fix the problem the better, as water lines and sewer lines can get even further damaged over time as the ground caves in. Give us a call today. We would be happy to give you a Free Estimate.

More About Sinkholes

Recent news of sinkholes has the American Public concerned as to whether or not their home and property are at risk. In order to answer that, we need to better understand what causes sinkholes, where they happen and how to avoid the dangers of them.

Sink holes are defined as "naturally occurring holes in the surface of the earth." They can be formed naturally or by the result of man. They can happen gradually over time, or suddenly. When sink-holes are the result of nature, it is because water flowing underground has dissolved, limestone, earth and rock; rock that has acted as a foundation for the ground above. Without the rock, the ground collapses, creating sinkholes.

Acts by man can also be a contributing factor in sinkholes as well. Builders, when clearing land for new construction, have at times buried trees, stumps and the like. This has a negative effect as when the debris deteriorates, it causes an empty cavity in the ground under the soil. This goes unnoticed to the homeowner as it is located under layers upon layers of dirt, unsuspected until a sink hole appears. Broken water pipes can also lead to the breakdown of rock and eventually sink holes; some of the sinkholes in Atlanta are caused by old, sewer pipes that erupt. This can be detected by the homeowner and prevented in which I will explain how shortly.

People always hear about sink holes in Florida, but can they happen here? Sink-holes that form in Georgia are not as deep and destructive as Florida sinkholes, but are prone to happen. Parts of Northern Georgia fare better than Southern Georgia; this is due in part of the shared topography with Florida. Any area that has limestone under the dirt and experiences heavy rains is at risk for sinkholes.

Now that we know how sinkholes are formed, and where they can happen, we can learn how to be proactive against them. Unfortunately, nature has a way of taking us by surprise and some natural disasters and emergencies just can't be avoided. Having a plumbing contractor inspect your home's pipes with a sewer inspection camera is the one step you as a homeowner can take. They can check for any damages or obstructions that we would never had known about otherwise that can lead to sink-holes. Investing the money to have this service done greatly outweighs any costs that damage from a sinkhole would cost. Having your home's plumbing and sewer lines inspected can give you peace of mind that you have done all you can. Learn more about sink holes and sink hole repair.

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